GM Surveys Corvette Owners About Electric Sports Car, Does It Hint At EV Variant?

While everyone’s eyes are on the recently revealed Z06, Corvette customers report receiving a survey from General Motors that may hint to an all-electric variant sometime in the future.

According to a thread on, customers received a survey tracking their interest in an “electric sport vehicle”, as well as their feelings about performance features that could be downloaded and over-the-air updates.

Although no owner has published a full list of the questions asked by GM, they do report answering questions about features like a “manuever [sic] coach, the interactive track checklist, [and] the upgraded PDR integration” that could be offered as a service.

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Curiously, they also report answering a question about a “stealth mode one could control from their phone.” Although the owner who reported answering the question called it a great idea, they did find it a curious feature, since an EV doesn’t really make much noise in the first place.

It is unclear, therefore, if the questions related to an electric Corvette, or just features the brand is planning for its performance cars in general.

Some of the other forum users were less positive about the features, or the idea of an electric Corvette, at all. One user, in fact, said they would “go back to a horse before I bought any electric car!”

That poster may soon have to start building their hay stores, though, since GM has committed to releasing 30 new electric vehicles globally and investing $35 billion in EVs by 2025. Moreover, some of its brands, like Cadillac, will be EV only by 2030.

It is widely reported that Chevrolet already has plans to release a plug-in hybrid version of the C8 Corvette called the E-Ray. It’s expected to make around 650 hp and to be a grand touring-style hybrid sports car, not an all-electric model as is allegedly being proposed in the survey.

H/T to Muscle Cars and Trucks

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